Pokemon Go Crazy with Best Tours Best Tours have launched Pokemon Go tours in London and New York. Join us for one of our uniquely curated and comprehensive Pokemon hunt events in London And New York where we set the stage and all you need to do is throw your pokeballs! Last week Best Tours…(Read More)


BestTours.com plays Catch me if you can! “BestTours.com want to familiarise people with their city again so we started a world wide game.” As we know Video games that are created for Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) have taken a massive leap forward in 2016. A huge range of VR headsets…(Read More)

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Breaking News: Harry Potter Kidnapped! Venture through London to find Harry and the Horcruxes before Voldemort becomes invincible! Embark on an immersive adventure using your mobile device. Solve riddles overcome challenges and find clues around London to rescue Harry! To celebrate the launch of The Hunt for Harry Potter in London we’re offering £5…(Read More)

Summer London

Top Child Friendly Things to Do in London So it’s the Summer now apparently and your kids going to be busting to get out and about in London with all their new free time.  Here is a list of the best things events you can go to with your children right now! Free Museums…(Read More)

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Most Haunted Places 10. Edinburgh Castle The site on which Edinburgh Castle sits has history dating back to the Iron Age. Situated overlooking what many people believe to be the most haunted city on Earth Edinburgh Castle has been the site of torture and many bloody battles during its time. Recipes for many a haunted…(Read More)

Chicago Top Ten Things To Do

Top Ten Things To Do in Chicago! So you’re in Chicago  spoilt for choice for things to do how much do you think you can actually do in a day in the windy second city? We’ll walk you through Chicago! Here are the top ten things you can spend your time doing in…(Read More)


Top Ten Chocolate places from around the globe! We’re delighted to share our top ten chocolate shops from around the world. If you love chocolate you must try the famous Chocolate Tours we offer today! Our tours boast some of the finest chocolatiers to be found anywhere in the world! Let us show you…(Read More)

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Find Harry before it’s too late… We’re delighted to say that with the popularity of our Harry Potter Tours in London – ranking #1 in dozens of listings – we’re launching the first ever Harry Potter Quest Tour! The first tour of it’s kind in London The Hunt for Harry Potter is a…(Read More)


Quest Tours: A new way to experience a city Here at BestTours.com we’re trying to figure out what the future of tours looks like. Augmented Reality or AR is an obvious choice for improving the tour experience using technology and companies like Magic Leap who at the beginning of this year completed what…(Read More)


TOP TEN AMAZING COINCIDENCES We’re going to take you through the top ten of our favourite most amazing coincidences! Whether it be indicative of a cosmological design determinism or the most accepted justification; a glitch in the matrix. 10. HOOVER DAM Hoover Dam which was originally known as Boulder Dam was a concrete dam…(Read More)