Financial Advice for Frugal Travelers (From Apps)

Financial Advice for Frugal Travelers (From Apps)

While we all enjoy having money, actually managing your money can be a very time-consuming and confusing affair. Thankfully, having the right apps on your smartphone can be like walking around with your very own financial advisor in your pocket. While some credit card companies offer their own apps (such as Chase’s which is great for those with a Chase card like the Sapphire Preferred) it’s always good to have some that offer more general budgeting assistance. Here are some of the most helpful and easy to use financial apps (for both Android and iOS) that will making banking a breeze. Best of all the basic model for all the apps is free!


This app is ideal for people who don’t like to spend much time thinking about how to save. You hook Digit up with your checking account and the app periodically checks your accounts to see if you have tiny amounts of money –as small as $2–that you could afford to transfer to your Digits savings account. Little by little you will be building up savings in the background that can eventually lead to big savings over the long run. It’s the passive way to save!

Credit Karma

We talk a lot about credit scores at the Frugal Travel Guy and there are few things more important than your score when it comes to success renting an apartment, applying for credit cards or getting a mortgage or loan. This app compiles your credit score from Equifax and TransUnion and keeps you up to date about any changes in your personal credit rating. It also educates you about what your score means and recommends products and credit cards based on your score. It’s also a great tool to monitor your score to make sure there is no fraudulent activity.


Considering how many bank accounts, loans, PayPal accounts and credit cards most of us have, it’s no wonder that it can be incredibly difficult to have an accurate overview of how we are doing financially.

Mint simplifies all your money matters by connecting to all your banking and credit institutions and providing you with an instant, detailed economic overview of your life. You’ll essentially have a complete overview of every aspect of your financial life in the palm of your hand.


Have you ever wondered how much you truly spend on restaurants, clothing or gas? Do you find yourself wondering where the heck your money’s gone at the end of each month? Well wonder no more. Spendee gets to the minutia of your daily spending by keeping track of where you spend your hard-earned cash.

It also gives you the option of synching the app to your bank account of just entering your spending manually. Knowing how much those daily lattes are costing you could be just the kick you need to stop spending mindlessly.


If you’re the reliable type who often finds that you’re the one paying at a restaurant while your friends promise to pay you back later, this app is for you. This digital wallet makes it easy to send and receive money between friends and to keep track of who owes what. It takes the pain out of dividing up a bill at the end of a meal. It’s easy to set up and can synch directly with your bank account.


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