Unintended Consequence

Unintended Consequence


12916350_10154050058742445_6778554118569611201_oMy post last Friday was the most viewed post (by a shit ton) in over a decade of blogging. And, it was a throw away (go figure).

It was merely a set-up to explain why I selected a favorite Billy Joel song to feature on our customary Friday departure from commentary to music to kick off the weekend.

I honestly had been so consumed with our impending move and client obligations that I didn’t consider how the title might read to people not familiar with our situation.

“Saying Farewell.”

Holy shit! Are they packing it in? Did Bill decide to take one of the choice DMO CEO jobs out there and close the consultancy? Is it something else? Oh, the humanity!

No…I was just saying farewell to the lake and friends we love. But, how interesting that over a thousand people thought something else when they read those two words. And, looking back, I can’t blame you. I would have clicked too. It was, indeed, an unintended consequence.

But, not unlike (again) a voice like Samuel L. Jackson’s “What’s in your Wallet?

Ask yourself, what header will you use with your next post?


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June 13, 2018 at 01:22PM

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