Air New Zealand looks to lure customers via augmented reality travel inspiration

Air New Zealand looks to lure customers via augmented reality travel inspiration

Air New Zealand is partnering with augmented reality spatial computing platform Magic Leap to develop a virtual travel experience to inspire visitors to head for the destination.

Magic Leap has developed technology which superimposes digital imagery on live environments resulting in a hyper-realistic mixed-reality interaction which has potential to include practical functionality like exploring products, learning more about the environment that surrounds you, and managing data in a graphical format.

It replicates what we might expect from hologram displays in tomorrow’s computing, but for now relies on special viewers to make the magic happen.

Rachna Bhasin, Magic Leap chief business officer says of the partnership:

“Magic Leap and Air New Zealand have a shared ambition to bring true innovation to everyday experiences, including the air travel experience.”

Though, in principle, Magic Leap interfaces could one day help make travel bookings, the Air New Zealand project will focus on travel inspiration.

Jodi Williams, Air New Zealand general manager of global brand and content says:

“Air New Zealand is excited to bring innovative, emerging technology to our customers and create a more enjoyable travel experience. Our goal with this partnership is to continue to encourage new visitors to experience the wonders of New Zealand with us.”

The new Magic Leap project, which will debut later this year, is being produced as a “fantastical journey throughout New Zealand” by talent at London-based creative studio Framestore who have considerable experience with CGI applications for Hollywood films and brand campaigns, and has also specialized in virtual reality films.

Some recent travel-related projects that Framestore has delivered include a project for Intel and the Smithsonian American Art Museum which let viewers interact with hyper-realistic images and learn more about artwork in the collection.

In a different project for Google Arts & Culture, Framestore brought the past to life with animation of Jurassic animals from the collections of the London and Berlin Museums of Natural History.

Framestore also produced an immersive ‘Glide into Paradise’ virtual reality tour of the Hawaiian Islands, for the Hawai’i Tourism Authority.

Resh Sidhu, creative director, Framestore’s VR studio says:

“Powerful experiences arise when audiences are encouraged be part of the story—we focused on creating surprise and delight taking consumers places even they could not imagine

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