On Anthony Bourdain

On Anthony Bourdain


20-anthony-bourdain-grub-diet.w710.h473I’ll admit it. I was late to the party.

I know…as one who is looked to be on the cutting edge of everything, this was one I missed. There was something about Anthony’s early video persona that I rejected…I’m not entirely sure why. But, when I read Kitchen Confidential, I was hooked. And, I knew that the persona was real and true.

The accolades that have cascaded since his death have endowed him with a culture-shifting power that is so sensationally true. He showed us the world through the food we eat, the liquids we drink and the music in which we luxuriate. And, by doing so…he made us more accepting and inquisitive of a world that our current leaders intend us to eschew.

My favorite Bourdain quote is that one’s body is not a temple. It’s a theme park to be enjoyed.

And then, there is this: The value of a dish is the pleasure it brings you; where you are sitting when you eat it—and who you are eating it with—are what really matter. Perhaps the most important life lesson (my Dad) passed on was: Don’t be a snob. It’s something I will always at least aspire to—something that has allowed me to travel this world and eat all it has to offer without fear or prejudice. To experience joy, my father taught me, one has to leave oneself open to it.

Thank you, Anthony. Thank you for everything.


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June 14, 2018 at 12:24PM

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