Latin America’s travelers are ready to be inspired

Latin America’s travelers are ready to be inspired

Research by Expedia Group Media Solutions on the habits of travelers from Latin America finds that they seek inspiration from a variety of sources, most often turning to OTAs for information before booking.

The research is based on surveys conducted online and in person this March of 3,000 travelers, evenly split between Mexico, Brazil and Argentina. All of the sample have booked travel online in the past year.

Jennifer Andre, Senior Director, North America and Latin America at Expedia Group Media Solutions said of the findings:

“Latin American travelers are taking more trips and longer trips than travelers from other countries, but interestingly, the majority opt to explore their own countries over traveling internationally. Although Latin Americans may be more apt to travel domestically, they are often undecided on a destination, and they’re turning to a variety of sources for inspiration and information. This indicates a significant opportunity for marketers to reach and influence this audience throughout the path to purchase.”

Mexican travelers (76%) and Brazilian travelers (69%) make more trips to explore their own countries than Argentinian travelers (46%).

But there is a strong incentive for more international destinations to target Latin Americans: they travel often – between 3.9 and 5.6 times a year – and take long vacations—from 7.6 to 12 days.

Price conscious

Travel budget is a deciding factor for 80% of Mexicans and Argentinians and 93% of Brazilians. All of these travelers reserve a significant portion of their travel budget for airfare and hotels—between 43% (Brazilians) and 46% (Argentinians). Food ranks third for all, and shopping is tied with attractions in fourth place for Mexicans and Brazilians. Argentinians spend a larger share of their budget (11%) on local transportation than attractions but still set aside more funds for shopping (12%).

Purpose of the trip

The top motivation for travel is relaxing (66% of Mexicans, 49% of Brazilians and 61% of Argentinians). Brazilians favor visiting family as much as sightseeing (45%), while Mexicans prioritize visiting family (44%) and Argentinians are slightly more motivated to travel to visit family than to sightsee (33% vs 31%).

Destination decisions

The majority of these travelers (6 in 10) are undecided on destination when they begin the travel search process. They are looking for destination inspiration (66% of Mexicans, 74% of Brazilians and 65% of Argentinians) and are more likely to be influenced by activities available.

Also of note is the finding that 71% say they are influenced by ads. Deals are the greatest influence in successful advertising,  followed closely by the imagery making the ad appealing and informative content provided.

Reviews were the least important element of advertising (influencing 35% of Mexicans, 45% of Brazilians and 39% of Argentinians).

Planning and booking options

OTAs are the top resources for trip planning for 51% of Mexicans, 48% of Brazilians and 50% of Argentinians. Airlines also hold significant sway, significantly outperforming hotel sites and destination sites, almost matching OTAs for influence

The distribution is similar for bookings.

Modes of transport

Latin Americans favor flying significantly over other forms of transport with 72% of Mexicans, 69% of Brazilians and 63% of Argentinians preferring to travel by air.

They are also far more likely to stay at hotels than with family, at resorts or at alternative accommodations.


Latin American travelers are highly reliant on mobile platforms from journey planning, to research, to the trip itself.  When it comes to booking,  28% of Mexicans, 30% of Brazilians and 22% of Argentinians book on mobile platforms.

Photo by David Rangel on Unsplash


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