Everything You Need to Know About Earning Flights With Singapore Airlines

Everything You Need to Know About Earning Flights With Singapore Airlines


Singapore Airlines is a large international airline that is part of the Star Alliance airline partnership. Headquartered in Singapore with hubs throughout Asia and Europe, Singapore Airlines, together with partners, offers worldwide coverage and excellent service. Today, we’re going to take a look at KrisFlyer, the airlines frequent flier rewards program!

Singapore Airlines Status Levels

Like all travel rewards programs, Singapore Airlines has a few different status levels that you can earn through frequent travel. Each level comes with different unique benefits, ranging from priority boarding to bonus miles to more. Here are summaries of the perks of each status level:


  • Basic membership; no requirements
  • Earn miles on flights, shopping, and at select partners
  • Book free flights and upgrades with your miles
  • Access exclusive KrisFlyer promotions and sale fares

KrisFlyer Elite Silver

  • Requires 25,000 Elite Miles to earn status
  • All benefits of KrisFlyer membership, plus;
  • Bonus 25% mileage earning
  • Star Alliance Silver status
  • Priority reservation waitlist
  • Priority airport standby
  • Waived or discounted service fees

KrisFlyer Elite Gold

  • Requires 50,000 Elite Miles to earn status
  • All benefits of KrisFlyer Silver membership, plus;
  • Bonus 25% mileage earning
  • Star Alliance Gold status
  • Access to more than 1,000 premium lounges around the world
  • Extra baggage allowance
  • Much more!

To earn status, you’ll need to collect Elite Miles by completing flights on Singapore Airlines and with partners. Learn more about Elite Miles here.

Also, keep in mind the value of Star Alliance Silver or Star Alliance Gold status. Most airline status levels only apply to that particular airline – but when you earn status with Singapore, you also earn status with Star Alliance itself. Therefore, you can enjoy benefits even when you fly with other SA partners!

Earning Singapore Airlines Miles On Flights

The primary way to earn KrisFlyer miles is to fly on Singapore Airlines and their partners. You will earn miles based on a percentage of the actual miles you fly. Depending on your status and flight class, it’s possible to earn up to 325% of the actual miles flown.

Earning rates on flights can be somewhat complex. All the details can be found in this chart. Or, you can use this calculator to estimate how many miles you’ll earn on a planned flight. Higher class fares (Business, First, Suites, etc.) will earn more miles than economy class fares, so keep that in mind.

Other Ways to Earn Points

Besides flying, there are many other ways to earn KrisFlyer miles. The airline is partnered with tons of hotels, rental car agencies, financial service providers, and more. You can read about other earning opportunities here.

Another factor to consider is that KrisFlyer is a transfer partner of many of the most popular rewards programs, including Chase Ultimate Rewards, American Express Membership Rewards, Citi ThankYou, and Starwood Preferred Guest. You can transfer points earned in these currencies over to KrisFlyer to help you get those bigger redemptions on Singapore Airlines.

Redeeming Singapore Airlines Miles

Now, the fun part: actually redeeming your Singapore Airlines miles for free flights! You can actually use your miles for a lot of different redemptions, like shopping, upgrades and more – but, as usual, the best value lies in redeeming for free flights.

Award flights on Singapore Airlines and select partners begin at just 7,500 miles each way. Singapore has a full award chart, which makes their pricing on award flights transparent and easy to understand. They also have a useful award calculator to estimate how many points you will need for a specific redemption.

If you have less miles to use, you may also consider using KrisFlyer miles to upgrade to a better class of ticket. Upgrades start at 9,000 miles, and the full award upgrade chart can be found here.

If you manage to save up enough miles, Singapore offers some incredible redemptions in their famous Suites class. These ultra luxurious cabins include lay-flat beds, private bedrooms, world-class cuisine, and more!

Singapore Airlines Summary

Overall, Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer is a lucrative and flexible loyalty program. Because you can transfer in points from all the major points currencies, there’s a lot of flexibility in earning miles – and Singapore offers good award availability to make redemptions easy, too! Whether you’re an economy flyer looking for the best deal or a premium cabin junkie looking to experience the ultimate luxury that is Singapore Suites class, this program is definitely one to look into.


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The direct booking movement is moving to meta – what hoteliers need to know

The direct booking movement is moving to meta – what hoteliers need to know


Should I list my hotel on metasearch? If you’ve found yourself asking this over the past year or so, you’re not alone. Metasearch sites are growing at a phenomenal rate, with recent research suggesting that they are now the most important advertising channel for hotels, outstripping even Google AdWords when it comes to driving traffic. It’s a compelling offering for hotels seeking to grow their direct channel.

NB This is a viewpoint by Lily McIlwain, content manager for Triptease.

Though metas have been part of the online travel industry since its inception, their increasing accessibility to smaller hotels, combined with meteoric growth in consumer traffic, has made sure that Kayak, trivago and co are more relevant than ever. But it’s always worth asking whether that perceived relevance is reflected in the behaviour of actual hotels.

Any trend has early adopters. The big groups – and a few savvy independents – are already well established on metasearch sites. A lot of the hoteliers we speak to at Triptease, though, tend to fall into one big camp – those who say: “Metasearch is on my radar, but I’m not sure it’s worth my time.”

So why does this matter to me and my hotel?

The Direct Booking Movement is moving to meta. Metasearch engines are a way for hotels to display rates in direct comparison to OTAs, at a cost that can work out much cheaper than commission fees charged by OTAs. Metas are becoming ever more popular with consumers – traffic has tripled since 2014 – and it’s easier than ever to list as a hotel.

For some metasearch publishers, a hotel doesn’t even need to have its own website to advertise.

The capabilities of search are improving in an exponential curve. We’ve already seen Kayak and Skyscanner integrate themselves with Alexa and Google Home, allowing consumers to book hotel rooms without even touching a computer.  The ability to intuitively serve a customer with exactly what they’re searching for is increasingly going to be held in the hands of a select few – and those few are likely to include metas.

The hotel industry was hurt badly by the initial advent of online travel: it didn’t adapt quickly enough and OTAs rushed in to fill the gap. Performing well on metasearch is a way for hotels to reclaim some of that ground, but it requires realising meta’s value sooner rather than later.

In addition, metasearch companies are evolving from focusing purely on advertising business to offering various B2B solutions to hotels. Most recently, we saw trivago debut its Rate Insights feature, giving partner hoteliers access to pricing data based on competitor positioning and market demand.

“OK, I’m interested – tell me how”

Listing on meta isn’t a quick fix. Achieving long term gains means getting the basics right, so Triptease has put together a Hotelier’s Guide to Metasearch that includes everything a hotelier could need to get started. Featuring expert input from 80 DAYS and Koddi, the guide walks hoteliers through:

  • The five steps to a successful campaign
  • Why the direct booking movement is moving to meta
  • Where next?
  • A buyer’s guide

Download it here.

NB1: This is a viewpoint by Lily McIlwain, content manager for Triptease. It appears here as part of tnooz’s sponsored content initiative.

NB2: If there are any topics you think should be covered in our Hoteliers Guide series, let us know at info@triptease.com or tweet us  @Triptease



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More From the Makers of Relax Tea

More From the Makers of Relax Tea


Calm Down Chamomile

There’s No Need to Get So Upset Peppermint

Count to Ten Darjeeling

You’re Making a Scene Green

Listen to Yourself You’re Shouting Earl Grey

You Always Ruin Everything Irish Breakfast

Don’t Take Your Anger Out on the People Around You Rooibos

You Made the Waiter Cry Ceylon

Sometimes It Feels Like You Enjoy Being This Angry Ginger Honey

It Scares the Dog When You Get Like This Yerba Maté

You’re Turning a Shade of Fuchsia That’s Not Normal Hibiscus

Drinking Twenty Cups of Various Stress-Relief Teas Every Day Doesn’t Seem Like It’s Working Maybe You Need to Do Something Else Vanilla Verbena

Tea Is Not a Substitute for Therapy Orange Pekoe

I Know You Tried Yoga That’s Great but You Got Kicked Out After One Class for Screaming at the Instructor Chai

The Fact That You Think You Can Solve This Problem by Listening to a Meditation Podcast Just Shows That You’re Even Deeper in Denial Than I Thought Matcha

People Think You’re a Bully Did You Know That Lemongrass

Job Stress Does Not Justify Your Behavior Jasmine

You Had to Take a Leave of Absence Because Clients Complained About Your Temper Oolong

It’s Over Between Us Because You Refuse to Get Serious About Working on Your Anger Issues Blackberry

All Your Stuff Is Out on the Curb Including Your Antique Farmhouse Kettle, Your Wrought-Iron Tea Cart, Your Reclaimed-Driftwood Tea Tray, All Your Strainers and Stirrers, and Your “Zen Thoughts” Teapot and Teacups Set Lapsang Souchong

Stop Calling Me in the Middle of the Night Ginseng

I Heard You Went Into a Teavana Store and Started Smashing Things and the Staff Called the Cops and When They Searched You Looking for an I.D. All Your Pockets Were Filled with Loose-Leaf Tea Pu’er

The Person You’re Really Angry at Is Yourself Pomegranate Goji Berry

Decaf Relax


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Pursuits: A Perfume Devotee in the Land of French Fragrance

Pursuits: A Perfume Devotee in the Land of French Fragrance


Ms. Buchanan volunteers with the Association du Patrimoine Vivant du Pays de Grasse (Living Heritage of the Region of Grasse), the nonprofit organization that is presenting the application for Unesco’s Intangible Cultural Heritage list. While I was there, she, among a number of other industry players, met with Unesco ambassadors from various countries to help them determine the scale and scope of Grasse’s perfume industry. The association expects a response from Unesco next year.

“There will be groups of them coming all through the year,” she said. “They visited the Chanel rose fields. They went to see Château de la Colle Noire. They went to the perfumery school. It’s a hugely complex undertaking. They look at everything from the plant growers and their knowledge base to the harvesters, all the way to the extraction in the factories to the perfumers.”

Grasse’s flower-growing industry could be vulnerable not only to stiff competition, Ms. Buchanan said, but also to development.

“There is a lot at risk of being lost,” she said.

At the same time, Grasse is benefiting from the worldwide organic movement that is helping revive the demand for product from the region’s small-scale flower producers. Les Fleurs d’Exception du Pays de Grasse, a consortium of organic flower growers formed in 2008, produces around 40 acres of perfume plants for large companies — rose, jasmine, iris, tuberose, orange blossom, violet, Madonna lily and Iris pallida, along with mimosa, narcissus, broom and lavender.

After Ms. Buchanan and I said goodbye, I set out for Molinard, one of the most beautiful old perfumeries in Grasse. It was established in 1849, when the company produced and sold floral waters in a small shop in Grasse’s center. The interior blends natural light from skylights with illumination from chandeliers to a royal effect — fitting since Molinard’s color theme is threaded with purple. Like Fragonard and Galimard, Molinard offers free tours in a number of languages, as well as individual and group workshops.


A collection of old Galimard bottles on display at the perfumery’s museum.

Andy Haslam for The New York Times

I was greeted by a raven-haired receptionist who told me a little more about the history of Molinard, which reminded me of my small bottle of Nirmala, an unusual fragrance the company introduced in 1955.

I peeked around a corner at a perfume workshop and realized I was a day away from my own. I knew I wanted to have my own fragrance blended while in Grasse. I had chosen Galimard, the oldest perfumery in Grasse and certainly one of the oldest perfumeries in the world. It dates to 1747 when Jean de Galimard supplied the French court with olive oils, pomades and perfumes. Bespoke fragrances involve a considerable amount of time and deliberation, so realistically, I understood I wasn’t going to get something spectacular with zero skills; I just wanted to have some fun.

While in Galimard’s store the following day, waiting for the workshop to begin, I inhaled what the perfume house had to sell — single fragrances, home scents and other fragrance-related items — until the friendly woman attending the counter tapped her nose: a gentle suggestion that I stop. She was aware that I was in the next group of budding perfumers and she wanted my olfactory facility unconfused.

Later, our small group was seated at individual “perfume organs” — half circles of small bottles of essential oils and an empty 100-milliliter glass beaker. I felt a twinge of acute uncertainty. I knew what I liked but had no idea what fusion of chemicals would deliver it. One day I adore a coy floral, the next day something that is hedonic and overt.

Our chic facilitator, Manon, explained the functions of the top note, the heart note (the dominant character) and the base note, the three stages of a perfume’s scent across time. With a little guidance, she helped us establish a rough estimate of what we desired. Beside me, twin girls were fulfilling a birthday wish.


An exhibit at the International Perfume Museum.

Andy Haslam for The New York Times

Direction was offered during the measuring, testing and smelling. Manon kept an eye out for potential epic fails that occur when using too much of this or that. Two hours later, after I made what seemed like life-threatening decisions, “Lark” was born, and it was far better than I had any right to imagine, at once light and dark (a few of the notes included lotus, bergamot, bois de santal, gardenia, bamboo and sandalwood).

“Very feminine!” Manon said to me after she dipped a white fragrance strip in my new perfume. I immediately wanted to know more about this stylish, kind woman who had just unwittingly made me aware that I was wearing pedal pushers and Crocs.

On the train ride back to Paris, I hung out with two young Australians, friends who were on holiday through Europe and who smelled lemony clean and crisp — like youth and freedom.

The sense of smell has a deep drawer and a quick retrieval system. Now, when I wear my almost-homemade fragrance, I am transported back to the time when I was in a lovely French town with equally lovely inhabitants who, even though I mangled their language and complained about their traffic laws, let me sit at their table while they discussed this magical thing called alchemy.


Fragonard Historic Factory (20 Boulevard Fragonard; http://ift.tt/2vf0FVk), which is in one of Grasse’s oldest factories, offers free tours, a product line and group and individual perfume workshops by reservation.

Continue reading the main story


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News: Hilton Yantai welcomes first guests in China

News: Hilton Yantai welcomes first guests in China


Hilton has announced the opening of Hilton Yantai, its second Hilton Hotels & Resorts property in the northern coastal city of Yantai.


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Didi adds another piece to its global jigsaw with Careem tie-up

Didi adds another piece to its global jigsaw with Careem tie-up


Didi, China’s dominant taxi app and mobility services provider, has linked up Middle East based Careem, its second investment and strategic partnership announcement in a week.

The pair “will share knowledge in intelligent transportation technology, product development, and operations,” a statement said.

There is no indication about how much investment for how big a stake Didi has made. Didi raised $5.5 billion in a Series E which closed this April and has been even more active in the market since then.

At the end of July it was involved in a $2.5 billion funding round for southeast Asia’s taxi app Grab.

Careem itself is hardly bootstrapping. It has raised $570 million dollars since its launch in 2012. It announced a $350 million round at the end of 2016, led by Japan’s Rakuten. Rakuten is also an investor in Lyft, as indeed is Didi.

Didi also has its eye on the niche, smaller players, and last week announced a tie-up with Estonia-based Taxify, a business which has grown on the back of €2.5 million funding, a modest amount compared to the billions bandied about elsewhere.

Careem’s footprint extends to more than 80 cities across 13 countries including Pakistan, Turkey, Egypt and Morocco in addition to its Middle East/UAE presence. It has 250,000 drivers on its books and claims to have 12 million customers.

The Careem tie-up means that Didi is now a truly global player. “[Our] global framework of collaboration now extends to over 60% of the world’s population across 1,000 cities in North America, Southeast Asia, South Asia and South America,” it says.

Reports elsewhere continue talking in terms of Didi as an Uber rival, perhaps to give general readers a reference point. But with more than half the world’s population now a tap away from getting a ride from Didi or one of its partners, the Chinese business deserves a presence on its own terms, not through the lens of a competitor.

It may or may not be a co-incidence that Didi’s flurry of activity over the past few months has occurred while Uber continues its search for a new CEO. And while Uber prevaricates over a new boss, Didi is racing ahead, building up a truly global network.



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News: Vienna House Mokotów Warsaw to open in Poland for summer 2018

News: Vienna House Mokotów Warsaw to open in Poland for summer 2018


Vienna House will open a new 164-room hotel in Warsaw’s Mokotów business district in the summer of 2018. The new hotel, Vienna House Mokotów Warsaw, is being positioned as a casual four-star superior business hotel with a combination of industrial design, modern, green guesthouse culture and a culinary journey of discovery that is based on sustainability values. 


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News: Louis T Collection to operate New Esplanade Hotel, Perth

News: Louis T Collection to operate New Esplanade Hotel, Perth


Louis T Collection and H&M Capital have announced the signing of a management agreement which will see the hotel operator oversee the operation of the New Esplanade Hotel. The hotel is located in Elizabeth Quay, Perth’s vibrant, newly developed mixed-use zone along the Swan River.


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News: Hardy to lead Park Plaza County Hall London

News: Hardy to lead Park Plaza County Hall London


Park Plaza Hotels & Resorts has appointed Stefanie Hardy as the new general manager of Park Plaza County Hall London. Before joining Park Plaza County Hall London, Hardy held the position of cluster general manager for Hilton Green Park and Hilton Hyde Park, and previous to this she was the general manager of Hilton London Angel Islington, where she held the position for three years.


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News: New leadership for German National Tourist Board in London

News: New leadership for German National Tourist Board in London


The German National Tourist Board has appointed Beatrix Haun as the new director of the German National Tourist Office for the UK & Ireland. Haun was previously director of the GNTB in France, based in the Paris office, and succeeds Klaus Lohmann in London.


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